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It seems like every business is dabbling in purchasing Facebook likes or Instagram followrs now days. With hundreds of likes coming for a small price of $30 it seems likes a viable option to increase business traffic. Not only do Facebook likes and Instagram followers come relatively cheap but the websites that offer them also claim that they are from real accounts and will increase your web traffic. Is this true or just another empty claim?


The Claims Of Bought Likes & Followers

After a quick Internet search you will find hundreds of websites offering the sale of Facebook likes among other social media networks. It seems that whichever is you favored social media platform you can become instantaneously popular on it. These sites claim that the Facebook likes that you can purchase off them are real. Whatever does this mean? Well it can mean a lot of thing but probably not what you are after. What real Facebook accounts means to these websites is that the accounts are currently active. That someone, a human, has opened the accounts.

However this does not mean that the accounts are being run and operated by someone who will be interested enough in your Facebook page to view your webpage.

These websites also claim that once you buy Facebook likes from them you can increase the traffic that browses your website. With click through rates something that people do extensive studies on and digital media experts organize and run multiple campaigns for. Do you think simply buying Facebook likes can guarantee a higher click through rate to your website. If it was that easy wouldn’t everyone be doing it and becoming millionaires.

Money Back Guarantee

Be very weary when you make a purchase of Facebook likes through these businesses. Not only are they treading in some grey area that may or may not be illegal. They usually are independently run and have no customer protection. What can you really do if they don’t deliver on the services you’ve paid for? I would reconsider before handing over my credit card details to these people.

They Offer Targeted Facebook Likes

This offer goes along with the first misconception of increased traffic to your site. They offer targeted likes where you can target Facebook users within your area hoping that they may have a real interest in your business. Remember the people who hare liked your page are doing it for money. Do you really think they will peruse your Facebook page or will they just like as many pages as possible to make the most money? I know what I would do if that was my job.

When buying Facebook likes remember the people who are making all these claims are also the ones breaking Facebook’s terms and conditions. There is a risk involved when purchasing Facebook likes and it’s not a guarantee in any case. Opt for a somewhat reputable website and communicate prior to giving them your money. Sometimes the sites are no longer running but they are still happy to take your money.

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