Legit Ways To Increase Your Facebook Likes

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If you want to know how well your company’s Facebook marketing campaign is doing then all you need to do is look at your likes. The main goal for any business, like my brother’s photo booth rental business in Canada, is to get as many likes on your page as possible. You’ll find that some posts get more likes than others. While the popular posts are great, you need to have consistency. Make sure all your posts are getting the fans back to your page and that they make your fan’s friends want to like and share your posts too. Below are some legit ways to increase your likes on Facebook. We’ll give the example on how to do this with a photo booth hire business like my brother’s.


Only offer quality posts showcasing your photo booth

It is a no brainer that you want to offer the best posts possible. What’ the point of flooding your fans’ walls with banality that they don’t enjoy? However, what you consider to be a quality post is not necessarily what your fans consider to be engaging. Look at your previous posts and see which ones gained the most likes. If your fans like humorous posts then you should make these more consistently while still offering information about your products or services. Whatever your fans like you should them while staying true to your brand.


Create a Profile

It is important for any business to have a full profile filled out. This way you are offering your fans a complete look at your company. Doing this makes you appear more open and lets viewers know you have nothing to hide. Besides, you want your fans to have as much information on you which builds a mutual trust between you.


Have an Attractive Page

No business Facebook page should ever look messy or cluttered. If you walked into a messy office for a company that offers photo booth hire for your wedding, how likely are you to want to do business with them? You always need to have your branding or logo visible. Make your page inviting so your friends and fans want to visit your page regularly.


Ask Your Friends and Fans to Like Your Page and Posts

There is nothing wrong with asking family and friends to like your page and posts. Those who are uncomfortable doing this can just ask them to visit your page and check out the content for you. If they genuinely think what you’ve done is good they can like the page or any of your posts. You’ll never how those closest to you feel about your company and what you’re doing until you ask!

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Blog about your photo booth rental business

Now that is a very powerful strategy that literally no one uses! For example, if you have a photo booth business in Montreal, why only have a website when you can also own another website under a different name and blog about your business! That way you can refer yourself from the blog and also get customers from your own website, and double your traffic! In Australia, a company called Ninja Photo is doing that on their blog named Oz Finder.


Offer Multi Media Posts

When you are on Facebook what do you prefer to look at? Posts with photos, videos or memes or text based posts? Most people would rather look at something interesting rather than reading a huge post. Give your customers what they want and you’ll find you get more likes. Again, if you have a business offering photo booth rental in Montreal, you could post funny photos every week of your events, but you should also post videos and why not funny GIF images too! This is what Ninja Photo does in the UK. They also use the blog method described above on their blog named


Buy Facebook Likes

Probably the least legit option on this list is buying Facebook likes for your profile. Although it does seem like cheating it is a technique that is commonly used in every industry. Therefore if you aren’t buying Facebook likes for your page you’ll seem like a novice compared to your competition. Many people even buy Instagram followers to complete the illusion of being larger then they are.

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