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One of the hottest phenomena in marketing today is utilizing social media. Facebook is one of the most popular of all the social media sites and it seems that people of all ages are using it to stay connected. Even older people who have never used a computer are purchasing one just to go on Facebook. They want to take advantage of all the benefits of chatting with their family from home and without having to use the telephone. This makes for a great opportunity for businesses. Since every demographic is covered, the marketing potential is huge. The size of the company does not matter, both big and small businesses need to understand how to market on Facebook. See below for some tips to make marketing on Facebook easy.


Choose Your Marketing Strategy

It is vital to choose a marketing strategy for your Facebook fan page. One plan is not appropriate for all customers. Once company may only want to use it get feedback from customers to find out what new products or services they’d like to be offered. Others may want to use it as a tool to drive customers to a website. Just as with any marketing plan, it is important to strategize and come up with a vial plan that fits your company’s needs. Remember you don’t have to have just one plan, but you do need to be consistent and stick to it.

Customize Your Fan Page Tabs

When you start your fan page, there are default tab settings. Most businesses simply use the tabs that are already created without considering what can be accomplished with other tabs. You could have a tab expressly for a promotion or contest or one with a link directly to the company’s website. The best part of these tabs is that you can customize them and change them any time you want. If you plan on conducting monthly contests, you can have a tab set aside for this purpose. Make sure to have at least one for the business contact information along with links to all the company’s social media sites. This will drive fans and activity to your page.

Ask Your Employees to Like or Share Your Posts

While you cannot force your employees to participate on your Facebook fan page, they can like and share your posts to get their friends on board. This is a great way to get the ball rolling on a promotion or contest. While typically the employee would not be eligible, they can certainly share with their Facebook family and give them the chance to win something awesome. When their friends also share the posts, it creates a domino effective that is nothing but positive for any business.

When running a promotion that is based around the person with the most Facebook likes winning. You should make sure no one beats their competition through buying Facebook likes. This is more commonly done then you may think. There are many people out there who would like to win so badly that they will purchase Facebook likes as well as Instagram followers and photos likes in hopes of getting ahead. When contestants buy Facebook likes it will not help promote your business. Strict rules should be in place for buying Facebook likes when running a competition.

Having a marketing strategy on Facebook is not difficult to do if you simply come up with a plan and stick to it. Make sure you get the most out of the tabs on your fan page by customizing them to fit the situation and ask your employees to join in on a campaign by sharing your posts. If you do all this, there is no reason why a Facebook campaign would ever fail. Apply all these tips to Twitter for a strong marketing campaign there too!

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