Things You Wish your Friends Wouldn’t Do On Facebook

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Facebook is where it is all happening, at least for now. Your family and friends are all there, so it is easy to share photos and keep track of everyone. You can get updates on your favorite high school classmates, and even some you don’t like at all. But people do post stuff that makes you bang your head against the keyboard and throw things at your screen. You can’t just block or unfriend them, and you don’t want to hide their feed, in case they post something interesting. You can however, share it behind their back and have a good laugh.

Here are some things I wish people would stop sharing on Facebook:


Think before you share. Are you really that important? No, I do not want to know what you are eating morning, noon and night, and see pictures of before and after plates. No, your pregnancy is not that important to me so as to like photos of your belly every day. And by the way, that six-week ‘bump’ you posted was NOT the baby! No, I do not want a picture of your baby’s poop; even if it was the first time he went on his Thomas potty.

Chain Posts:

Stop spreading misinformation and misery. Let Facebook be a fun place. “Share if you have a heart. Ignore this if you want her to die”. I am a sensitive person and do possess a heart, but that does not mean I want my timeline filled with photos of dying children or injured puppies. John Hopkins will not choose Facebook to spread the latest information on cancer and the government is not planning an attack on every other country in the world.

Love Life:

Everyone knows at least one Facebook couple. They are both your friends, unfortunately that means you are stuck with minute-by-minute updates on their life. “He is asleep in bed. I miss him already.” How do you miss someone who is lying next to you? Go wake him up if that is what you want. Or don’t. I don’t want to hear how that went.

Politics and Religion:

Politics, religion and Facebook do not go together. Keep them to yourselves. Or make a private group and discuss it there. The most drama and confusion in families happen when people start sharing political memes and religious posts on Facebook. An occasional prayer chain or a political comment during election season is acceptable. But if that takes over your life, and your timeline, it is time for a change. If you want to get more likers on Facebook, you might want to avoid the controversial stuff.

Buy Facebook Likes For Themselves:

How annoying is it when your friends buy Facebook likes or friends and then you get all these random suggestions for “people you may know”. Buying Facebook likes is just silly and when you browse your mate’s photo and there are likes from people you’ve never heard of. What is worst is when they buy Instagram followers on top of likes! Do they pretend they are famous or something? People who buy Instagram followers and Facebook likes just have too much money!

Your whole Baby Album:

I know many will disagree on this, who doesn’t like seeing pictures of cute babies? But when mothers post 126 pictures in a day and expect people to comment and like each one, then we have a problem. And please do not embarrass your children. If you insist on posting near-naked pictures of your toddlers, at least keep your profile private. Remember that they grow up and go to high school!

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