YouTube for Small Businesses

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Many businesses owners wonder why it is so important to have a showing on social media sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. There are many benefits that business owners may not realize, particularly those who are small business owners.

If you own a small business, whether it is online or a traditional brick and mortar site, you may want to increase your sales but don’t have a huge budget for marketing. This is where social media comes in to save the day. Marketing on these sites does not cost a great deal, all you need is a good camera, and by posting videos you can drive traffic to your website and brick and mortar store.

YouTube and Facebook

YouTube and Facebook are great together because you can imbed the video directly into a Facebook post. Viewers don’t have to go to YouTube to watch the videos; they can be viewed in Facebook. It’s also very easy to post videos from YouTube into Facebook; even novice users can copy and paste the URL in their web browsers into a status update.

The reason this is important is because it helps to promote your products or services and the cost is very low. Once you upload your video onto YouTube, you post it on your Facebook account and people can like both the post and the video if they go to YouTube.

YouTube and Twitter

Twitter and YouTube are friendly but not as in synch as Facebook and YouTube. This is because Twitter does not allow for embedded videos so you can’t watch them directly from your Twitter feed. Your viewers have to click the link you tweet to go to the YouTube page and watch the video. While this isn’t a huge deal, it isn’t as easy as Facebook.

But Twitter does help you to promote your videos which is a great thing because you want more views and likes. Using Twitter can get your videos watched by all your followers and if they retweet your videos, their followers can also watch it. This creates a chain reaction that can actually lead to a video going viral if it is good enough.

Mobile YouTube

A huge majority of Facebook and YouTube viewers actually do most of their video watching from their mobile devices. Also, nearly an entire third of the cell phone users in the United States have the smart cell phones. This means not only are you getting a marketing share of online traffic to these sites but also a chunk of the mobile market too. Small businesses owners can see their profits and sales grow simply by offer content that is relatable.

Many small businesses don’t think that they need to market their businesses online let alone through social media. These companies may not be able to stay in business because they are not taking advantage of the cheapest marketing tool available. YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are all free sites that allow small business owners the ability to market their companies without any monetary output whatsoever!

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