Trying to get your name and brand in front of mind to potential consumers is really the bottom line to most any online marketing campaign and a Facebook page is one of the best ways to do this. Not only do you get to reach a potential audience of millions, but also you get to do it for free. None of that can happen if they don’t know you are there, so finding a way to promote your Facebook page is important as well. Here are five excellent ways of doing just that.

Other Social Network Sites

There is absolutely nothing wrong with cross-promotion, right? Set it up so that your Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, StumbleUpon and Pinterest accounts are all touting each other. If you work with any other social media sites, then make sure they are intertwined as well. All those link-backs are great for Google juice and that will be sent back to your business from several directions. Work on promoting other social media accounts like Instagram because the more Instagram followers you have the more awareness you will get for your Facebook page.

Business Cards

It is certainly true that a business card still works. Print out some business cards that look professional and make sure your Facebook address is included on the card. Ask them to visit you and hand them out everywhere you go. People will use them and you might be shocked at how far a business card still reaches.

5 Ways To Promote Your Facebook Business Page

Increase Facebook Likes

Facebook likes are the number one thing to focus on when promoting your business through Facebook. It is the first thing someone will look at when browsing your profile. You can reach a higher number of Facebook likes by running competitions but you could also try buying Facebook likes. Buying Facebook likes is a quicker way to build your online image. Make sure you purchase our likes from a recommended place, as sometimes when buying Facebook likes it can be obvious.


Sending out a monthly newsletter is a wonderful way of building readership. People share informative newsletters with their friends and family. Make it a must-read for your clients and you will quickly start to reach other people. Build up that subscription list by asking permission to send your newsletter. Once you do, you will start to see plenty of cross-promotional visits between the newsletter subscriptions and your Facebook page. That kind of traffic and interaction is invaluable and Google loves it.


If you really want a flood of interested buyers to your website, give something away that is related to your business. Make sure the giveaway is a quality item. You can’t get away with simply offering up a pencil or a notepad. You need to go ahead and invest in something worth chasing. Then set up the giveaway on your Facebook page and tout it everywhere. People related to your business will come that you have never met before. That is the point, right?

Your Own Website

Touting your Facebook page on your own website is almost backward thinking right? The whole idea of a Facebook page is usually to build traffic to your website. Still, having them talk back with one another via links and traffic is a good idea. You might be surprised at how valuable it is to have that type of interaction. Put up links everywhere that you can think of but don’t overdo it in one place.

All of these ideas will quickly help you to build up a Facebook presence to be proud of. Take some time to build that area of your business. Your bottom line will thank you for it. Apply all these tips and you can succeed on Twitter as well. This way you can get more Twitter followers and have a strong online presence.