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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The followers are Canadian people with Canadian names.

Yes. It’s 100% safe for your Instagram account. We use legit ways to promote your account. We delivered over 1 million genuine Instagram followers from Canada without any problems.

Yes. We offer a 1 year refill warranty. If some people unfollow your Instagram account, we will send you more real followers for free!

Yes. If you would like to receive the followers slower, let us know your ideal delivery speed by sending us an email after you buy.

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Can I really buy Instagram followers Canada?

You might be wondering if you can really buy Instagram followers Canada? The answer is yes! Not only you can purchase followers for Instagram from us, but you can also purchase followers on other social media platforms. These are high quality followers and are real people using the platform. 

This is one of the best sites selling these type of social network marketing service. It’s safe for your Instagram profile and if you have any questions before buying, feel free to contact our 24 7 customer support team and we will be happy to answer them. We also suggest that you buy Instagram likes at the same time, to make sure that your business get the most benefits out of our services.

After you increase your follower count, you will also grow your target audience and get more customers, and eventually, more sales. Buying followers is very easy and affordable. You can purchase packages as little as 100 followers to get started, and we supports payment options like credit card payments and Paypal.


Are the followers real, active and legit?

Yes. Unlike many of our competitors, we use real advertising methods and campaigns to promote your account and share your photos with people that are already interested in your industry or business. These people are also located in your targeted business area.
Beware of many websites promising real likes that they sell for a very low price like $5… These sites are based overseas and will sell you fake followers and use inactive accounts that are very easily detected by Instagram and deleted completely…


Do you offer instant delivery when I buy IG followers?

We offer fast delivery that takes about 2 days in average after you buy followers. Beware of any site that promise instant delivery as these sites will either send you no followers at all or they will send you fake followers and use bots to instantly boost your numbers… but again these Instagram profiles will get deleted within a few weeks and you will lose your money…

Our methods are real. Any type of real marketing and advertising takes time, as we have to buy ads and show these advertisements on targeted social media groups and websites. Once we promote your content after you buy IG followers, we have to wait for a few days for real humans to see our ads, visit your Instagram profile and follow it.

What else can I do to get more Instagram followers?

There are many ways to grow your number of followers on Instagram. Everybody wants to get more users to follow their content, but most people don’t know how to get started. We truly believe that the best way to get started is to purchase our services to grow your following quickly. Many marketing experts have been recommending our services to people who want to kick-start their social presence. We were also featured as one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers Canada. You are in good hands!

This will make you looks more popular, and people will feel more comfortable following your content, as they will see that many other users already follow your profile. This create social proof and it is one of the most effective way to convince people to buy your product or services as this shows that you are already an established business in your industry.

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