Why Do Some Videos Go Viral?One of the most important aspects of having a YouTube account is getting subscribers on your channel for SEO purposes.  While views are important too, you can get more views if you have more subscribers so you have to be working towards this goal at all times.  Getting more subscribers starts with having a great quality video as people are not going to subscribe if your videos are not of a high quality.  From there it is all about SEO and other efforts.  The following are three tips you can use to get more YouTube subscribers for your channel.

It is All in the Title

The first thing you must look at is how you title your video.  You can make the best video in the world, one that would win awards if it were produced in Hollywood but if you have a poor quality title then people are not going to watch it.  You have to make it exciting enough that people stop and click on it to watch it when they normally wouldn’t.  For instance, let’s say you made a video of a lightning strike near your house.  You title it, Lightening Strike.  Do you know how many other videos have the same name?  Instead, try something like, Cool Lightening Strike Nearly Takes out Tree.  The second title adds more excitement and people want to see this lightening strike.

You Have to Use Keywords and Tags Properly

It is vital to use your keywords and tags properly when uploading your video to YouTube for SEO and search purposes.  If you do not have the proper tags and keywords then your videos are not going to come up when people search for videos that are similar to yours.  This means you lose out on many potential viewers and even if you always buy YouTube views to boost your numbers, you can always use more. You can never have too many tags or keywords when writing your description and when creating the tags for your video.  Just remember when it comes to your description that while you need to use keywords, it needs to make sense to the reader. We also suggest that you buy likes, followers and friends on other social media platforms to look more credible.

Community Participation and Networking

Sorry to say that you just cannot post your YouTube videos and then just simply let them sit there without doing anything else on the site.  Sure, you’ve posted them on your social media sites and you have emailed them and embedded them on your website, that’s enough right?  No, it is not nearly enough.  There is so much more you need to do including participating in the community and networking on the YouTube site.  You need to view others in the same industry’s videos and like and share those videos too.  This will prompt them to do the same for you too and it can be very beneficial to both of you.  Also, you need to interact with those who view and comment on your videos.  Answer their questions and have conversations to keep them engaged.  They will want to subscribe to your channel.

While it can take time and effort to get more subscribers on your YouTube channel, you can do it if you have patience and great quality videos.